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1) VIP Bottle Service (Reservation)

- includes Bottle, Booth & Server for the night+ guaranteed entry.

Price- Click Here 

2) Booth Only (Reservation)

- includes Booth for night & guaranteed entry.

- Not available Halloween Night 

3) Cover at the Door (walk in no reservation)

- 1st Come, 1st Serve if available

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Lots of Social Distance space-  We’ll be allowing select limited people but our usual room capacity is over 750 people 

  • Social Distance Booth Seating – 11 booths spread throughout the room instead of our usual 23 VIP Booths

  • VIP Booth Bottle Service with waitress for the night- no need to walk to the bar. Your server is also available to get you any drink you like. 

  • 1 Use Disposable Drinking Cups

  • Additional Fans, + 2 exit doors in the middle of the room & Back room door will be open all night

  • Patio  Area 

  • Separate Entrance & Exit Areas

  • Photo Area socially distant from all booth areas

  • Hand Sanitize Stations


Mask Policy

  • When you ENTER the Moose & Goose -- you MUST wear a mask.  After signing your group in you will be walked to your table by a server.

  • When SEATED IN YOUR VIP BOOTH AREA -- you and your group do not need to wear a mask but may do so if desired.  We would prefer that when your server enters your area you please put on a mask.

  • When you LEAVE YOUR VIP BOOTH AREA -- you MUST wear a mask.  IF you walk to the bar, washroom, exiting to smoke or leave you MUST wear a mask

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